Optimal Non-iodized Saline Solution specially formulated to gently cleanse piercings and body modifications without damaging surrounding healthy tissue.

The sterile solution efficiently moisturizes the piercing areas, nourishing and enhancing the skin’s moisture retention.

The pressurized flow helps remove dirt and debris, ensuring a comfortable rinse.

Ozone-friendly packaging with a 360° mist sprayer that allows to dispense at any angle even upside down.

Directions of Use and Aftercare Tips:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly prior to cleaning your piercing.
  • Spray After Inked Piercing Aftercare directly onto the pierced area. If desired, you can spray it onto a gauze or Q-tips and place it gently on the piercing.
  • Repeat 2 times per day don't leave spray on too long pad dry.
  • Wear clean, soft, comfortable clothing.
  • Stay out of hot tubs, oceans, lakes and rivers.
  • Avoid excessive motion and friction of the area.
  • Keep the jewelry in place and don’t play with it.